Donald Trump has been earning major headlines for his principled stand on illegal immigration. Now, martial arts expert and famous actor Chuck Norris just made a big announcement… and he’s karate-chopping through the liberal media’s lies!

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For illegal aliens in America, a “sanctuary city” is one of more than 200 cities across America “that refuse to enforce federal laws against illegal immigrants and, in so doing, harbor and protect them.”

In other words, those cities are refusing to enforce immigration laws and are keeping their residents unsafe for political reasons. This became brutally apparent recently in San Francisco (a sanctuary city), when Kathryn Steinle was murdered by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien on Pier 14.

This is the type of crime Trump is sounding the alarm on! And Chuck Norris backed up Trump in his recent column for WND. This is epic!

Instead, local, state and federal officials often play the blame game, like they did last week in San Francisco. Federal immigration authorities and local politicians blame the sheriff’s office for not telling them the illegal thug was being released. And yet, the sheriff’s department blames local and federal officials who exacerbate the minefield around sanctuary cities and tie their hands through a barrage of bureaucratic red tape benefitting illegals. (To add injury to insult, the .40-caliber pistol used in the Pier 14 killing belonged to a federal Bureau of Land Management agent.)

So, do you know who intentionally made it easier for that seven-time convicted felon and five-time deported illegal to roam the streets of San Francisco? None other than the residing occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Let me explain.

Washington Examiner reported: “There are over 200 ‘sanctuary cities’ in 32 states that give safe harbor to illegal immigrants, even violent ones with felony records like the man accused of killing a San Francisco woman last week, according to a new analysis.”

Last Wednesday, the Center for Immigration Studies, or CIS, posted a map of the cities on its website. They explained how there are “More than 200 cities, counties and states across the United States are considered sanctuary cities. These state and local jurisdictions have policies, laws, executive orders, or regulations allowing them to avoid cooperating with federal immigration law enforcement authorities. These ‘cities’ ignore federal law authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to administratively deport illegal aliens without seeking criminal warrants or convictions from federal, state, or local courts.”

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Thank you Chuck Norris for speaking out about the dangers of illegal immigration! President Obama created the crisis for political reasons and now we’re paying the price.

These are the statistics that Donald Trump is campaigning on, and he will not be silenced.

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