Not so fast, Bobby!

Last fall, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez was cleared after a mistrial was declared in a case in which he was being tried for corruption.

Upon victory, Menendez was ebullient. He boasted that he’d get even with his political enemies after the botched case.

Not long after that apparent victory, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he’d be pushing for an ethics investigation into Menendez. But, as we all know, congressional ethics investigations rarely amount to anything. So it looked like Menendez was going to get away scot-free.

That is, until now. The Justice Department announced today that they intend to re-try Sen. Menendez. Politico broke the story, and included a statement from the DOJ:

“The United States files this notice of intent to retry the defendants and requests that the Court set the case for retrial at the earliest possible date,” reads the notice, signed by Annalou Tirol, acting chief of the public integrity section. “Defendants Robert Menendez and Salomon Melgen have been indicted for bribery and corruption by two separate grand juries properly empaneled in the District of New Jersey. The first trial ended in a mistrial with a deadlocked jury. An early retrial date is in the best interests of the public, and the United States is available to schedule a retrial at the Court’s earliest convenience.”

If Menendez thought he was going to get away with his crimes, he has another thing coming. It looks like the Trump DOJ will be taking him back to court. This time, let’s hope they get a guilty verdict.

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