Bob Dole Rises to Salute George H.W. Bush

Former presidential candidate, Senator, and decorated war hero Bob Dole, with the help of an aide, was lifted out of his wheelchair to salute George H.W. Bush’s coffin in the Capitol Rotunda.

The former President is currently lying in state within the Capitol in Washington for people to come pay their respects. The tribute has been a solemn and dignified affair – a rarity in D.C. (RELATED: Liberals Watch Porn Star Stormy Daniels During Bush Tribute.) President Trump even paid a surprise visit.

One of the most moving parts of the entire ceremony was the arrival of former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole. A fellow decorated World War II veteran who was decorated three times and nearly died in combat, Dole came to salute George H.W. Bush, his one-time presidential rival, one last time.

There was just one issue: Senator Dole is confined to a wheelchair. But he didn’t let his ailment hold him back. You can watch the incredible video below:

This isn’t the first time Dole has refused to let his condition hinder him from paying respect. Earlier this year, he was able to lift himself out of his wheelchair with a little help to salute the American flag. (RELATED: 94-Year-Old Bob Dole Refuses to Stay in His Wheelchair for the National Anthem.) Dole was the recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal:

Hey, Colin Kaepernick, if you can take a second to put down the pork rinds and get your sweatpants-covered behind off your grungy couch and watch those videos, you might learn a thing or two about why you’re not in the NFL.

Bob Dole – a war hero and honorable gentleman to the end.

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