Blackface Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Fox For Anti-Woke Segments: ‘Make Your Own Homophobic Potato Dudes’

Late-night talk show host and self-proclaimed comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocked Fox News for their anti-woke commentary and urged them to "make your own homophobic potato dudes."
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Late-night talk show host and self-proclaimed comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocked Fox News for their anti-woke commentary and urged them to “make your own homophobic potato dudes.”

As Kimmel is not exactly a comedic genius, it’s rather easy to determine his joke is a reference to when the Hasbro toy, Mr. Potato Head, suddenly went gender-neutral to placate about three people in the entire country who might have found offense with a toy being referred to as ‘Mr.’

Kimmel is no Andy Kaufman, Richard Pryor, or George Carlin. It doesn’t take a Mensa candidate to figure out his humor.

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! showed numerous cut-and-paste clips of commentary from Fox News hosts supposedly showing their obsession with woke culture.

It’s a lazy tactic meant to deliver a false narrative popularized by the Daily Show and Jon Stewart who knew their audience wasn’t smart enough to digest full-length news clips or columns.

After airing the montage, Kimmel declared to Fox News, “You’re embarrassing yourselves.”

“Instead of constantly bitching about these products, make your own things. Nobody’s stopping you,” he said.

“Make your own homophobic potato dudes or your angry white guy breakfast cereals, or your little plastic bricks to build a wall around a sombrero, do whatever you want because I have some Fox News for you, you’re embarrassing yourselves,” added Kimmel.

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Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Fox, Conveniently Forgets His Own History

Jimmy Kimmel accusing Fox News of being alternately homophobic, racist, or xenophobic is rich. It’s an example of incredibly selective amnesia, considering he has examples of each of these things in his own past.

Indeed, the man who launched his career by making young scantily-clad women jump on trampolines to the delight of teenage viewers at MTV, has some homophobia of his own to address.

Kimmel in 2018 joked about Sean Hannity or former President Donald Trump’s supposed preference of being a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom.’

He then made another comment of a sexual nature in his feud with the Fox News host.

Maybe instead of suggesting Fox make their own “angry white guy breakfast cereals,” Kimmel should instead watch old clips of his angry blackface skits mocking NBA legend Karl Malone.

Kimmel did multiple skits in which he ridiculed the basketball Hall of Famer and member of the famed Dream Team, donning blackface and proceeding to butcher the English language in an attempt to portray ‘The Mailman’ as ignorant.

Seems super anti-woke if you think about it.

In one skit Kimmel as Malone talks “about white people getting deducted by alien.” He sports blackface, a black bald cap, and apparently spray for his arms and legs.

In another episode, Kimmel speaks as Malone promoting Mardi Gras.

“Ya’ll love them naked boobies, so Karl Malone tell you about Mardi Gras in New Orleans,” he says.

Kimmel did eventually apologize many. many years later for the blackface skits and for using the n-word in a comedy song routine.

And rather than tell Fox to “build a wall around a sombrero,” perhaps Kimmel can address his own xenophobia exhibited when he mocked Melania Trump’s accent.

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Getting Smoked by Gutfeld

It’s easy to call out Jimmy Kimmel’s hypocrisy over his comments about Fox News. It’s easy because he’s not a complex creature. The rubric for solving his humor is rather basic.

But maybe it’s best to just let Jimmy talk, knowing it’s going to backfire on him eventually.

Several years ago, Kimmel claimed that the late-night talk show scene is dominated by liberal hosts because conservatives simply aren’t smart enough for the gig.

“It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence,” he said during a live event for the liberal podcast “Pod Save America.”

Fast forward to today, and Fox News’ own late-night host Greg Gutfeld is smoking the competition across the board in ratings. And that includes Jimmy’s little show over at ABC.

If only Kimmel were a little more intelligent, he might one day get ratings like Gutfeld’s.

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