Bill Maher Points Out Hypocrisy Of ‘Toxic Masculinity’ – What’s Sexy On Zelensky Is ‘Toxic’ On The Rest Of Us

Bill Maher Praises Ukraine And Zelensky’s Masculinity: ‘Big D*** Energy’

On Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher had a bit of fun with feminists and left-wingers who have recently championed the term “toxic masculinity,” pointing out that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has proven that “everyone loves, and the world still needs, grown-ass men.”

Maher shared examples of women gushing over Zelensky, at a time when our media and commentators whine about so-called “toxic masculinity.”  (Seriously, just Google ‘toxic masculinity’ real quick and read some of the headlines.)

Maher made his remarks during his monologue on his program “Real Time.”

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Maher: ‘There’s always going to be a little bit of toxic mixed in with our masculinity and no amount of training will turn us into your favorite ‘Twilight’ character’

Maher said that social media, particularly twitter, is full of women gushing over the Ukrainian president.

He told his female audience on Friday, “Guys, you can go on about how masculinity is itself toxic or you can be horny for Volodymyr Zelensky, but you can’t do both.”

Maher then read a few social media posts.

“Everyone woman if your life now has at least a small crush on Volodymyr Zelensky and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

“If I’m being honest, Zelensky gives me a lady boner,” Maher read.

“Badassery is sexy as f***,” Maher continued, “I wanna bang Zelensky.”

Maher then explained that masculinity is not perfect, if that’s what women seek in a man.

“Could it be that as much as women may want to create the perfect man, there’s always going to be a little bit of toxic mixed in with our masculinity and no amount of training will turn us into your favorite ‘Twilight’ character,” Maher joked.

“Masculinity is a little like coffee. Even if you decaffeinate it, there’s still a little caffeine in there!”

“There are brave women fighting in Ukraine, but the images of people fleeing all seem to be women and children, while every able-bodied man in Ukraine is sticking around to fight and maybe die. It’s not always a great advantage, being a man,” Maher said.

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Maher: ‘You want a little ‘big d*** energy’

Maher continued, “And toxic though we may be, we do sometimes come in handy. As much as you may not want to admit it, there’s a direct correlation between all these lady boners for Zelensky and the fact that he’s what people used to call a ‘man’s man.’

“He can’t share right now; he’s killing Russians,” the HBO host observed. “Turns out after 200,000 years there’s still a lot of ‘another tribe is coming to kill us.”

“And when that happens, you want a little ‘big d*** energy,” Maher concluded.

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