Ben Carson Reveals HUGE Secret About His “Violent” Past!

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson has been labeled a low-energy candidate. Many see him as too calm on many issues and to a few voters that can be perceived as being weak. But they never knew this!

On Sunday, Dr. Carson defended criticisms of his relaxed demeanor on the campaign trail, and while doing so opened up about his past “volatile” behavior during an interview that aired Sunday.

Carson spoke about the time as a youth when he “tried to stab someone” — the story of Carson attacking a friend during an argument over preferred radio stations. He missed: the knife hit the teenager’s belt buckle and snapped.

This is really not something that someone who’s running for president should admit to just because he wants to appear tough. Liberals actually had a field day on twitter with idiotic tweets like this

I am not sure if everyone remembers, but actor Cuba Gooding Jr. played Dr. Carson in the movie Gifted Hands, and the scene where he tried to stab his friend was portrayed well.  It clearly was a turning point for Dr. Carson, in that he realized his anger was out of control. He overcame his anger and learned how to control himself.  He should be commended for this instead of being ridiculed as he often is in the comment section.

I understand he turned his life around .. and he does appear to be a brilliant surgeon. But those kinds of violent tendencies are just not suitable for the kind of office he is seeking.

One doesn’t have to agree with his politics, but he deserves credit for taking accountability for his actions, changing his behavior, and becoming a world class surgeon.  Set politics aside – his story is inspiring, and he should be a role model to the angry youth today.

Check out how MSNBC Morning Joe responded when they learned of the incident:

I actually didn’t know this about the Dr. Carson but I won’t hold it against him, and I won’t hold any grudges against him with news like this. Share your comments below on this article and add it to your social media timeline and check out what your friends say about it.

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