Northeastern Professor Barry Bluestone Says He ‘Wouldn’t Mind Seeing’ Trump ‘Dead’

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Barry Bluestone, a professor at Northeastern University in Boston, was caught on tape during a public lecture saying that he “wouldn’t mind seeing” President Donald Trump “dead.”

Bluestone is a professor of political economy at the elite private school. His comments came during a Jan. 31 public event called, “The Rule of Law in a Time of Polarization.” During the two-hour event, Bluestone was recorded as saying, “Sometimes I want to just see [Trump] impeached. Other times, quite honestly — I hope there are no FBI agents here — I wouldn’t mind seeing him dead.”

Immediately noticing Bluestone’s slip, liberal journalist Robert Kuttner, who was also a speaker at the event, quickly added, “Of natural causes.” Bluestone then affirmed, “Of natural causes. Thank you, thank you.”

Bluestone’s comments were recorded in a YouTube video uploaded by Northwestern on Monday, but the video has since been deleted. In a statement Wednesday, university spokeswoman Renata Nyul said that Bluestone’s comments  “do not reflect the views of Northeastern.”

“While faculty members are free to express controversial opinions, the university cannot provide a public platform for comments that could be construed to condone violence. As a result, we have decided to take down the video of this event,” she said.

Bluestone later elaborated on his remarks to Campus Reform. “In my opinion, Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet because of his power of using lies and half-truths to galvanize his supporters and his ability to command vast military resources,” he explained. “Would I kill him? No. And I normally abhor violence in all forms.”

Wow, how original. Take Trump’s name out of that “explanation” and replace it with literally any other world leader (like Obama) and it wouldn’t be any less offensive.

But Bluestone doubled down on his hatred of Trump by comparing him to both Hitler and Stalin and labeling him a “plutocratic fascist.”

“He is risking millions of lives by his wreckless global policies, he and his staff have referred to Muslims and Mexicans in terms not unlike Adolf Hitler’s references to Jews, and he now is taking on the militaristic approach of Stalin and Hitler in wanting to have a massive Military Parade showing off our soldiers and weaponry,” Bluestone contended.

“I refer to him as a Plutocrat because he is doing everything to shore up his own wealth and that of his rich friends,” the professor added. “I refer to him as a fascist because of his autocratic behavior with little concern for social justice or democratic process.”

What do you call someone who wishes death on a person with whom they disagree? Oh, I know: “fascist.”

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