Barron Trump Gets Standing Ovation at Trump Rally in Florida

barron trump standing ovation
Screenshot: Patriot Oasis Twitter

Future Emperor First Son Barron Trump made a huge splash at his father’s rally in Doral, Florida.

So much so, the youngest Trump received a standing ovation from the raucous crowd.

Barron Trump Gets Standing Ovation

Barron, though only 18 years old, is already a massive mountain of a man!

He proved it when he stood to take a bow and thank the crowd for their cheers.


From the vantage point of the video, you can see how much taller Barron is than the rest of the crowd, even with the depth.

The nearly 7-foot-tall youngster waved to the crowd with a big smile on his face, gave a fist pump, and even the classic Trump Thumbs Up.

Here’s another shot from closer up:

Trump Rally – Where’s Donald Trump?

If you were to only go by leftwing pundits, you’d think Donald Trump fell off the face of the earth.

Not so, as he proved at the rally in Dural.

Oh, and his near-constant chirping from his Truth Social platform.

At the rally, Trump was as confident as ever, saying that it didn’t matter who the Democrats put up to face him in November.

And, truthfully, Trump could be right that he may not face Joe Biden.

Just earlier today, Nancy Pelosi of all people threw President Biden under the bus on Morning Joe, Biden’s favorite “news” show.

Her comments were short, but very revealing: “It’s up to the president to decide if he is going to run. We’re all encouraging him to make that decision because time is running short.”

Why is that so important? Because for the last week, and even yesterday in meetings with Members of Congress, Biden unequivocally claimed he made up his mind and he is going to run. Pelosi already knows his answer. This is pressure to drop out without saying it.

Get your popcorn, folks. This is almost better than Christmas!

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