Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told CNN Thursday that she will be working hard to make sure Democratic senate candidates beat incumbent Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in their Senate runoff elections.

Host Jake Tapper said to Ocasio-Cortez, “Biden is planning a wave of executive orders to roll back some of Trump’s policies once he takes office, on everything from climate to the so-called Muslim ban.”


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Tapper Asks AOC If She Plans To Work With Republicans. LOL

“As of now, however, it looks as though Republicans, at least until January, will hold control of the Senate,” Tapper continued. “That’s going to complicate your desire and the desire of other progressives for bold, sweeping, progressive legislation.”

“I mean, theoretically, you can pass anything you want in the House, but it doesn’t matter if it goes to die in the Senate. How are you going to negotiate that?” Tapper added.

The host then asked if Ocasio-Cortez planned to work with Republicans.

“Are you going to work with more moderate Senate Republicans to try to pass something in the House that can get through the Senate?”
 Tapper queried.

Fat chance of that.

AOC Vows To Help Georgia U.S. Senate Candidates In Runoff

Ocasio-Cortez replied, “Well, I’m going to be spending my next couple of months doing everything that I can to extend help and offer support to the work of fantastic leaders that we just heard from like Stacey Abrams to make sure that we don’t have a Republican Senate majority, that we win these races in Georgia, that we secure a Democratic Senate majority, so that we don’t have to negotiate in that way.”

The self-described socialist apparently intends to go all in on Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

“So these Senate run-off races, they’re on January 5, I believe,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “That is right around the time that we will be preparing to swear in now president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris.”


“And I think it’s really important that we all work very hard to give them a Democratic Senate as well,” she finished.

If Republicans can’t win the U.S. Senate and the Georgia runoffs give Democrats all three branches, there is no telling what kind of far-left agenda a President Joe Biden and his party would try to push through.

It’s scary to even think about – as Ocasio-Cortez licks her lips, or so she thinks.

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Democrats Warn Ocasio-Cortez To Stay Out Of Georgia

Unfortunately for Ocasio-Cortez, however, Democrats in Georgia don’t seem to want her help. In fact, many Democrats are very worried that her getting involved might help Republicans.

So yes, please AOC, fight for your party in Georgia!

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