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‘It’s Taking a Stand’

“Small-dollar grassroots campaigns, aka what Buttigieg insults here as ‘pocket change,’ out-fundraises him by millions,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Our nation’s leaders should not be working to end the era of big money politics, not protect it.”

“[And] Beto’s gun policy isn’t ‘picking a fight,’ it’s taking a stand,” AOC added.


‘Hell yes, we’re going to take away your AR-15’

Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet comes in the wake of O’Rourke facing widespread backlash from both parties for demanding that the government confiscate millions of firearms from American citizens.

While O’Rourke’s said “hell yes, we’re going to take away your AR-15 [and] your AK-47” got a hugely positive response during the last Democratic presidential debate, many Democrats have distanced themselves from his comments.

For as long as they have been arguing for more gun control, Democrats have also insisted that they have no intention of taking away everyone’s firearms. Beto’s reckless comments seemed to confirm what most Second Amendment advocates have long feared about the Left’s true intentions. Buttigieg bashed O’Rourke’s proposal as playing into the hands Republicans.


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“Look, right now, we have an amazing moment right here on our hands,” Buttigieg said last month. “We have agreement among the American people for not just universal background checks but we have a majority in favor of red flag laws, high capacity magazines, banning the new sale of assault weapons. This is a golden moment to finally do something because we’ve been arguing about this for as long as I’ve been alive.”

O’Rourke says that both Republican and Democratic not liking his gun grab idea means he is “doing something right.”

What Beto is Really Up To

What Beto is really doing with his outlandish proposal is trying to revive his floundering presidential campaign. O’Rourke hasn’t cracked 5 percent support in the polls since April and is averaging at less than 2 percent. His third quarter fundraising was minimal compared to his Democratic primary challengers. That’s when he said he needed a “breakthrough.”

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“This is a policy disagreement and it is about governing,” Buttigieg later responded to O’Rourke’s remarks. “I get it, I mean he needs to pick a fight in order to stay relevant, but this is about a difference of opinion on policy and my focus right now is getting something done.”

AOC has not clarified where she stands on mass government gun confiscation, but hasn’t been shy about her support for many different control measures including universal background checks, banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and federally mandated safe storage requirements. She has also called for a ban of all semi-automatic firearms.

So it’s no surprise she would come out in support of the most radically anti-Second Amendment proposal from the 2020 Democratic field.

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