AOC Accuses Republicans Of Erasing The Meaning Of Christmas

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claims Republicans using guns in their holiday photos are trying to erase the meaning of Christmas.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claims Republicans holding guns in their holiday photos are trying to erase the meaning of Christmas.

The New York socialist was responding to an image of colleague Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who posted a photo that included her four kids posing with guns in front of a Christmas tree.

Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the image adding, “[Laughing at] all the years Republicans spent on cultural hysteria of society ‘erasing Christmas and its meaning’ when they’re doing that fine all on their own.”

A follow-up tweet joked, “When you pose in front of a Christmas Tree and can name all those guns but can’t name the gifts of the Wise Men.”

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AOC Knows The True Meaning of Christmas

Can you imagine what would happen if Boebert mocked a Squad member’s kids about knowledge of their religion?

Boebert’s image was released seemingly as a message of solidarity with Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) who received quite a bit of heat by posing for a family Christmas photo holding guns.

“The Boeberts have your six, [Representative Massie]!” Boebert tweeted adding, “No spare ammo for you, though.”

Massie’s photo put ammo on their Christmas wish list for Santa.

Massie hammered liberals and fake Republicans like Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) for feigning outrage over his Christmas photo.

“If only the leftists and RINO neocons could have mustered as much outrage over our failed policies in Afghanistan as they did my family Christmas picture, think of all the lost life that could have been avoided,” he wrote.

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Boebert No Stranger To Criticism

Boebert was criticized by Democrats after a Zoom call with lawmakers in which guns were sitting on a shelf behind her.

“I always thought my dirty dishes piled up and accumulating bacteria were the most dangerous thing in a Zoom background,” complained Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA).

Boebert fired back in a subsequent interview.

“It’s kind of alarming that she has so many dishes in her sink collecting bacteria,” she said. “Do your dishes, Hon.”

While AOC is fretting over the true meaning of Christmas, the Biden administration’s policies ensured the Grinch had a good year.

White House officials admitted in October that “there will be things that people can’t get” this year for Christmas.

Hopefully there is still time before New Year’s to order the latest, greatest American action figure … AOC.

FCTRY, the company that makes the 6″ AOC action figure, is selling them for $20.

That’s roughly:

  • 1,000 times more than the 2-cent savings Democrats celebrated with the price of gas.
  • $15 higher than AOC can typically count on her five fingers.
  • Infinitesimally more than it is worth.
  • But $9,999,999,999,979 less than she’s been advocating in social spending this past year.

A veritable bargain.


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