Anti-Trump CNN is STILL Sitting Outside Mueller’s Office

For two long years, CNN and other reporters have camped outside Special Investigator Robert Mueller’s office hoping to learn even a morsel of what might be in his report on President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

On Friday, we learned that there would be no indictments and the whole thing was a giant hoax. There was no collusion. Democrats just wanted to undermine the president. That’s all she wrote, folks.

Yet, Robert Mueller is STILL in his office. Even worse, CNN is still hanging around outside of it.

They just won’t LET THIS GO!

CNN Stalking Mueller

Here are some of the important findings CNN has discovered now that everyone knows the Trump-Russia collusion story is fake news.

CNN’s Evan Pérez said Mueller was spotted dressing down at the office,” reports The Week. “On Thursday, CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz noted that Mueller didn’t leave for lunch as he usually does.”

Heavy stuff, indeed.

“And on Friday, it seemed Mueller didn’t even show up — the biggest special counsel news of the day until the Department of Justice confirmed Mueller had wrapped his report completely,” The Week notes.

Hopefully, they will discover if Mueller ate lunch in his office or maybe what color his underwear is? What is his favorite movie? How does he like his steak cooked?

Seriously, what does CNN or any other member of the anti-Trump mainstream media have to learn from Robert Mueller at this point?

“Yet even though special counsel staffers were seen toting boxes out of the office last week, Mueller returned to work on Monday, Prokupecz tweeted.” The Week notes. “That’s likely because, as Attorney General William Barr addressed in the preliminary findings from the report he delivered to Congress, there’s still a whole lot of report for Barr to review. Some of the lawyers in Mueller’s office are sticking around to tie up loose ends, like prosecuting former Trump adviser Roger Stone.”

So basically, the Mueller team is simply tying up loose ends. The big news is already out there, but for a “news” outlet like CNN that was so deeply invested in making sure Trump’s presidency took a severe hit over this, they just can’t bring themselves to admit that their grand conspiracy is all over now.

And so they won’t go home. SAD!

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