Senator Amy Klobuchar argues that so-called ‘dreamers’ – children brought to this country by their illegal immigrant parents – are “our future.”

The comment, made during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, marks yet another ‘moderate’ in the Democrat party pushing for blanket amnesty for illegals enrolled in former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The only thing standing in the way of her providing amnesty to those illegals is, she admits, President Trump.

“The DREAMers are our future,” Klobuchar said. “The DREAMers are so important in Nevada, and the best way we can get this done is to beat Donald Trump, but it’s to pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

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Protect Illegals

Klobuchar is just another open-borders extremist masquerading as a moderate thanks to a complicit media willing to push the dialogue.

When asked by a Telemundo reporter how she plans to “protect the Dreamers,” Klobuchar replied, “To win, to beat Donald Trump.”

“The best way to protect the Dreamers is to have a new president,” she surmised. “There are the votes there to protect the Dreamers.”

Nowhere in her rambling, incoherent response, did Klobuchar note that the President is the only one in Washington, D.C. that has consistently beat the drum of bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform.

Klobuchar and her fellow Democrats have refused to work with him because their wild imaginations have them convinced that a border wall and border security is racist.

Are DREAMers America's Future?

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She Wasn’t Always Like This

Like many of her colleagues, Klobuchar wasn’t always a staunch ally of illegal immigrants. In fact, an unearthed video clip from 2006 shows the Minnesota Democrat arguing in favor of a border fence.

“I do believe that we need more resources at the border and that includes a fence,” she argued during a Minnesota Senate debate at the time. “What we have now, we have people waiting to come in legally. Thousands of people waiting to come in legally into this country, and we have people coming in illegally. That’s not right.”

She even went so far as to argue against amnesty and *GASP* suggested a preference for citizenship be given to those in the country willing to learn English and do what it takes to become legal.

“We also have to stop giving amnesty to companies that hire illegal immigrants,” Klobuchar said, adding “I believe that we need to give people who have been in this country for a number of years, who are willing to pay their taxes, who are willing to learn English, who are willing to pay the fines, the chance for earned citizenship.”

Now, however, Klobuchar has expressed interest in decriminalizing borders. And when it came time to help those in need at the southern border, she skipped out on a Senate vote for an aid package and instead campaigned in front of a detention center.