Americans Of Faith Have Everything To Lose Under Joe Biden

President Donald Trump has come through for Christian voters during his first term in office—but the future of Christianity in America remains just one election away from being placed in jeopardy.  

The radical Left has always detested Christianity for one simple reason: socialism is its own religion, and it doesn’t tolerate competitors. In almost every socialist society in the world, Christians have been among the first to be persecuted and oppressed by the government. 

As soon as the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, for instance, Soviet authorities began burning Orthodox churches and arresting priests. The only gods the radicals worshipped were Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin—there was simply no room for those who believed in any authority higher than that of the state. 

“Impotence of the exploited classes in their struggle against the exploiters…inevitably gives rise to the belief in a better life after death,” Lenin once said about Christianity. A socialist revolution, in the eyes of a radical revolutionary, is intended to render religion obsolete. 

Those who shamelessly portray U.S. history as a constant struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed have taken Lenin’s analysis one step further: to them, organized religion is more than just a symptom of injustice—it is a tool of exploitation. 

“White Supremacist Ideas Have Historical Roots In U.S. Christianity,” NPR wrote earlier this month, seeking to channel the ongoing wave of civil unrest into an attack against the faithful. 

CNN wrote that “This is a moment of reckoning on race for White Christians” who have enabled racism. 

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has even openly called for tearing down Christian statues, insisting that they are “a form of white supremacy.” 

“I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” he tweeted last month. 

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has cozied up to the extremists in his party at every opportunity, resulting in a radical policy platform that should be a worrying sign for Americans of faith. 

“Joe already has what is the most progressive platform of any major party nominee in history,” former President Obama said in a recent endorsement of Biden. “Because even before the pandemic turned the world upside-down, it was already clear that we needed real structural change.” 

Biden’s platform has since gone even further toward the far left, thanks to the efforts of a “Unity Task Force” that recently issued a slew of new proposals devised with extensive input from representatives of democrat-socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. 

More important, Biden has been largely silent about the recent wave of violent riots in our cities, refusing to condemn either the looters who ravaged many of our greatest cities or the vandals who are destroying some of America’s most cherished historical monuments. 

Luckily, President Trump recognizes the so-called “progressive” movement for what it truly is: An all-out assault on our country’s treasured Christian traditions. 

“Together, we’re not only defending our constitutional rights, we’re also defending religion itself which is under siege,” Donald Trump said earlier this year, warning that “A society without religion cannot prosper.” 

“A nation without faith cannot endure because justice, goodness, and peace cannot prevail without the glory of Almighty God,” he continued. “For America to thrive in the 21st century, we must renew faith and family as the center of American life.” 

Despite the fact that these truths are self-evident to a vast majority of Americans, you’ll never hear Joe Biden or his cronies in the Democratic Party embrace them with the passion or sincerity of President Trump. The radical Left views Christianity as a manifestation of Western oppression, and is determined to destroy it at any cost. 

There is a good reason why an incredible 90 percent of Evangelical voters support Donald Trump’s re-election—he is the only person running for office whom people of faith can trust to safeguard our freedoms. For Christians in America, the stakes have simply never been higher than they are today. 

This is an election that we simply cannot afford to lose.

This piece was written by Pastor Darrell Scott on July 20, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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