Alyssa Milano, the actress and leftist activist, said President Donald Trump should “stop adding to the stigma of mental illness” for his New Year’s resolution.

You Shouldn’t Say “Crazy,” Milano Claims

Alyssa Milano tweeted on Monday that millions of Americans who suffered from mental health problems were offended by President Trump’s use of certain common words and phrases.

“Hey, @realDonaldTrump, maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to stop adding to the stigma of mental illness and not use terms in your tweets like, ‘crazy’ or ‘lost his mind,'” she tweeted. “The 44 million of us who suffer sure would appreciate it.”

Milano has spoken out in the past about her struggles with mental health issues, after she felt “overwhelmed” following the birth of her now 8-year-old son, Milo.

“I have a mental illness,” Milano said on The View. “I’m going to say it just like that because I feel like there is such a stigma around mental illness. I want people to know that if you have anxiety, depression, whatever your mental illness may be, you are not alone.”

This of course means that she is qualified to speak on behalf of all Americans who are suffering from similar problems.

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Alyssa The Hypocrite

Ironically, Milano has used the exact phrases she had criticised President Trump for, multiple times:

It certainly says a lot about the content of her character that she is criticizing the President for using such common words and turns of phrase, especially when she uses them herself. She is only human after all.

What is more offensive to me, however, is that she feels like every person who suffers from a mental illness agrees with her. I am of the younger generation, where both those on the left and right are in agreement that mental health is a far serious issue. I have certainly had my fair share of problems, and I know many others who’ve been through far worse. However, I couldn’t tell you a single one of them who wanted to ban words or phrases like “crazy” or “losing your mind.”

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When you talk about how crazy something is, you’re not diminishing the struggles of people with mental illnesses. In fact, many of those who’ve been through traumatic events or troubled times often use self-deprecating humour to get themselves through the tough spots they find themselves in, which would include using these exact words, or even worse! Milano does not speak for me.

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