Firebrand New York Democrat and newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired shots at President Donald Trump and the current migrant caravan crisis. Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to compare the current migrant caravan crisis to the Holocaust.

Ocasio-Cortez’s comparison of the migrant caravan with the Holocaust would not go unchecked. Former advisor to President Donald Trump Sebastian Gorka weighed in on Ocasio-Cortez by calling her “an insult to intelligent and empathic humans everywhere.”

Politicians and pundits weigh in against Ocasio-Cortez’s Holocaust comparison

Gorka wouldn’t be the only one to point out Ocasio-Cortez’s ignorance. Senator Lindsey Graham offered her some solid advice by suggesting she take a tour of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Cortez, not known for her thick skin, responded to both Gorka and Graham.

She claimed Gorka was “forced out of the Trump Admin for saying white supremacists were ‘not the problem’ days before Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville killed 3 people.”

While three people died in Charlottesville, two state troopers died in a helicopter crash. Heather Heyer was tragically killed when she was run over by a vehicle.

Ocasio-Cortez would also respond to Lindsey Graham stating, “the point of such a treasured museum is to bring its lessons to present day.”

But it would be Gorka who would get in the last word, at least for now.

Sebastian Gorka and Lindsey Graham are on the mark. The migrant caravan crisis is nothing like the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. These migrants are illegal immigrants who are trying to forcibly invade the United States of America. They are the aggressors. This is a simple fact, no matter how hard Ocasio-Cortez tries to spin it or make her own delusions reality.

President Donald Trump should double down on his immigration policy. He should stop hinting at action on Twitter and actually turn his threats and boasts into reality. The United States should not allow these people who are trying to forcibly invade to enter into our country.

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