Al Sharpton Whines That Biden Hasn’t Given Kamala Harris More Power

Al Sharpton Says Biden Is Only Giving Kamala Harris ‘Marginal’ Assignments

Longtime leftwing activist Al Sharpton says that Vice President Kamala Harris’ is being marginalized and therefore not living up to her potential in the Biden administration.

Sharpton, in racially-charged comments, wants Biden to give Harris more power and a bigger role in the administration.

Sharpton made his remarks during an interview with The Root.

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Sharpton On Harris: ‘I Think He Should Continue To Give Her More Positions Of Power’

“I want to see her be used more effectively, and I think her being in charge of voting was important, but I question her other assignments,” Sharpton said in his interview The Root, a left-leaning website.

Their piece focused around the question of whether or not Harris, who received less than 1% of the vote in the Democrat presidential primary, is “being set up to fail.”

Sharpton said, “You might remember, when Joe Biden said that he was going to appoint a woman to run with him and appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court, I challenged him and said, ‘Why don’t you have a Black woman run like Stacey (Abrams) or Kamala?’ and I had him on my MSNBC show and confronted him.”

“So in many ways, we were the ones who stood up for her to be in that position and we want her to have a strong position, not marginal positions,” Sharpton continued. “I think that he did the right thing giving her voting, but I think he should continue to give her more positions of power.”

Contrary to Sharpton’s complaints, Harris has been put in positions of importance, regardless of her inexperience or competence. 

Earlier this year, Harris was put in charge of the illegal immigration crisis.

The illegal immigration and border crisis has objectively been a failure by the Biden administration, led by Harris. Even NPR dinged Harris for a theatrical visit near the border “after trying to keep the focus away from it.”

Harris herself also portrayed herself as a major player in the administration’s Afghanistan policy – which proved to be an utter disaster, with 13 Americans killed in a terrorist attack and hundreds of Americans left behind enemy lines.

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Sharpton: ‘She Is Also A Black Woman In The Time Of Breonna Taylor’

Sharpton said he would rather see Harris get involved with more criminal justice reform issues, referencing her legal background as a major positive in potentially getting something done.

“She was a prosecutor and a state attorney general, so she knows the criminal justice system and understands both sides,” Sharpton said.

He added, “She is also a Black woman in the time of Breonna Taylor and other Black women who have suffered racism, so I think that she should have those assignments and be able to get certain things to Congress.”

That’s a particularly interesting issue for Sharpton to bring up – as left-wing and black activists specifically knocked Harris’ penchant for tough-on-crime positions with the meme “Kamala Harris is a cop.


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