Democrat Lawmaker: We’ll Impeach Trump If We Take Back the House

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Maxine Waters must be ‘Tired of Being Alone’ when it comes to the impeachment song and dance, so Al Green, the congressman, not the singer, has joined her.

The Texas Democrat has vowed that should his party take back the House after the upcoming midterm elections, President Trump will be impeached.

“There’s a good likelihood there will be articles of impeachment,” Green said during a C-SPAN interview.

Signaling a growing civil war amongst the Democrats, Green hinted that anybody within his party can bring forth articles of impeachment without any blessing from leadership.

“Here is a point that I think is salient, and one that ought to be referenced,” he explained. “Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment. This is not something the Constitution has bestowed upon leadership. It’s something every member has the right and privilege of doing.”

Republicans running for office or re-election should play that clip on an endless loop if they want fans of the President to come out to the polls.

We know it’d work, as Democrat leadership in the form of Nancy Pelosi has been asking their party to tone down the ridiculous impeachment talk, knowing full well it is actually helping turn out Republican voters.

She has repeatedly said that the topic is a “gift” to Republicans.

“I have said over and over again that I don’t think we should be talking about impeachment,” Pelosi said during a press briefing in April. “I’ve been very clear right from the start.”

During the C-SPAN interview, Green declined to say if Pelosi had pressured him to stop discussing the matter but revealed that he and the House Minority Leader do not see eye-to-eye.

“I don’t think you have to ask me what I’ve heard,” Green relayed. “If you have read publications, it is intuitively obvious to perhaps even the most casual observer that she and I are in different places on this. I respect her position.”

Just one week ago, Green announced that the only solution to stop President Trump from ‘imposing bigotry into our policies’ is to impeach.

The Texas congressman has repeatedly tried introducing articles of impeachment on Trump in the past, only to be shot down in spectacular fashion.

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In October, Green claimed the President should be impeached for defending the National Anthem and calling out NFL players who disrespect it.

White House Press Secretary called the effort “pathetic,” but should the Democrats win back the House you can bet more of these sad liberals will come out of the shadows and give their best effort to impeach Trump.

Are you going to watch Democrats take back the House and impeach Trump, or will you vote Republican in 2018? Share your thoughts below!

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