After Fauci Calls Tucker’s Vaccine Questions A ‘Conspiracy Theory,’ He Asks: ‘What Are You Telling Us?’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked on his program on Wednesday night why Dr. Anthony Fauci believes those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine or have recovered from having the virus must continue to adhere to restrictions.

The segment came after the White House coronavirus task force leader called Carlson’s questioning vaccine efficacy “typical, crazy conspiracy theory.”

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Tucker Vs. Fauci

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson ran a segment questioning why Dr. Fauci and others oppose loosening COVID restrictions, in light of the millions of vaccinations currently occurring. 

Carlson’s argument is that the COVID vaccine was promoted as the way to protect all Americans from the virus, which would appear to make other restrictions redundant or unnecessary. 

The CDC officially says that they are still learning “how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19,” and that those who are fully vaccinated should “keep taking precautions—like wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces—in public places until we know more.”

Here’s Carlson’s Tuesday segment:

In response, Dr. Fauci told CNN’s “New Day” on Wednesday that Carlson’s questions were “a typical crazy conspiracy theory.”

On Wednesday night, Carlson insisted that he just wanted answers to his questions, and that he believed in the efficacy of the vaccines and the science behind it.

Carlson said Wednesday night, “For months now, we have been asking a very straightforward question about the coronavirus vaccine.”

“Why do people who take it — and by the way, why do people who have been previously infected and show high levels of antibodies — have to live under the restrictions that the vaccines were supposed to eliminate?” Carlson pondered.

He continued, “Why, for example, does Tony Fauci say you have to wear a mask after you get the vaccine? If we are following the science, and we sincerely hope to, we’re wondering, is Fauci telling Americans who have been vaccinated or who have been recovered from the coronavirus itself, that they aren’t protected against future infections?”

Carlson then questioned the restrictions.

“Is that why he is saying they can’t eat in restaurants or go to bars?” Carlson asked. “These are not trick questions. They are the most basic of all questions.”

“We would love to have Dr. Fauci on this show to explain them,” Carlson exclaimed.

Carlson Invites Fauci To Answer Questions

The top rated Fox News host then noted that Fauci was not even taking his questions seriously.

Carlson said of his questions, “But we have asked them enough that he finally took notice and this morning he went on CNN, but he didn’t answer them.”

“Instead, he dismissed those questions as a conspiracy theory,” Carlson noted.

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Carlson: This ‘Is Not A Trick Question’

“And by the way, this, again, is not a trick question, we are not playing word games here, what is the answer?” Carlson pressed.

Carlson queried, “If the coronavirus vaccine prevents you from catching the coronavirus, why are you wearing a mask? Why can’t you eat in a restaurant?”

He added, “And if it doesn’t prevent you from catching the coronavirus, why are we taking it in the first place?”

“Both can’t be true,” Carlson finished.

Several politicians and news outlets have decried vaccine hesitancy. 

The CDC states that fully vaccinated individuals can drop some COVID restrictions – for example, they can travel in the US, visit with other fully vaccinated people without wearing masks, and gather with unvaccinated people from one other household. 

It might be a good idea, if there is a concern about vaccine hesitancy, for individuals like Dr. Fauci to go on Tucker Carlson’s show, or shows like it, to reach out to people who are hesitant and answer the questions people may have to allay their concerns.

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