After Being Denied Elsewhere, Texas Tells Unvaccinated Transplant Patients ‘Come On Down’

After Being Denied Elsewhere Because They Are Unvaccinated, Texas Tells Transplant Patients 'Come On Down'

The saying goes that, “everything is bigger in Texas.” That apparently also includes the hearts of Texans. Recently, transplant patients in Colorado made national news after they were denied life-saving surgeries for being unvaccinated.

Because of this, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas officials are urging transplant recipients and their donors to come to Texas to have their surgeries.

In a statement to Fox News, Abbott’s office said, “Here in Texas, vaccines remain voluntary and never forced. Anyone being denied critical, life-saving organ transplants is welcome here in Texas, where one’s rights and freedoms are always protected.”

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New Heights Of Inhumanity

The divide between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated reached new ghoulish heights recently, when Colorado’s UC Health System would determine who receives life-saving organ transplants based on vaccination status. A woman was denied a kidney transplant because she was unvaccinated.

The health system said their decision was based on the 20-30% mortality rate among transplant patients who contract COVID. 

A similar incident occurred at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, where a woman was denied a liver transplant from her own daughter because they are not vaccinated.

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The Lone Star State Ready To Help

Texas State Rep Briscoe Cain (R) may have spoken for many of his constituents when he stated that Texas hospitals have “chosen to put patients before politics.” He added, “It seems too many in the medical profession have forgotten their oaths.”

Also stepping in to help those who came to Texas for transplant surgeries is the Niklas Organ Donor Awareness Foundation. The Foundation is assisting patients, donors, and their families with temporary housing while they await their surgeries.

Vice President of the Foundation Rodney DeBaun, in an interview with Fox News, said that he is not against getting the vaccine. As a heart transplant patient himself in 1993, he has been vaccinated. He says he believes that whether or not to be vaccinated is a personal choice.

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Niklas Organ Donor Awareness Foundation head Rodney DeBaun says he is unconvinced of UC’s data that says unvaccinated transplant patients have a higher mortality risk if they contract COVID post-surgery. “If someone’s waiting for an organ transplant, if they don’t get a transplant, they’re going to die.”


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