Watchdog Group Finds Over 50 Hate Crime Hoaxes in Last 7 Years

As the Jussie Smollett controversy continues to unfold and the debate over the validity of hate crimes increases, one watchdog group has found more than 50 hate crime hoaxes carried out over the last seven years on America’s college campuses.

Student-run group The College Fix found nine campus hate crime hoaxes between 2012 and 2014, including the case of the Montclair State University students who claimed to find hateful graffiti in their dorms threatening minorities and women. “Black B***h you will die,” was found on a dorm room door.

However, investigators found out that students had carried out the entire thing themselves.

So Many Hoaxes

“The College Fix reported another 11 hate crime hoaxes in 2015, including the story of a female Muslim student who claimed she was ‘stalked and threatened by a guy with a gun.” Breitbart reports. “It turned out that she had fabricated the entire incident.”

The College Fix compiled many similar incidents, as reported by Breitbart:

Three “nooses” discovered hanging near the hall where Black Lives Matter had held a meeting at the University of Delaware turned out not to be nooses, but “remnants of paper lanterns” left over from an event.

In 2016, Elon University students were appalled by graffiti saying, “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista” after the presidential election. It was learned that a Latino student wrote the note.

In December of that year, a female Muslim Baruch College student complained she had been assaulted on a New York subway by “three drunk white men” who were shouting, “Donald Trump!” Police later arrested the woman herself for having made up the story.

In 2017, a group of liberal students had hung posters with the message “Report Illegal Aliens; America is a White Nation” in an effort to incriminate conservatives.

These are just a few examples. The College Fix’s findings come at a particularly important time during the national conversation about hate crimes.

Why Do People Do This?

Smollett’s case is one in which he claimed to be attacked by Trump supporters, but as the situation unfolds, it begins to look more and more to the authorities like the “Empire” actor might have staged the whole thing. Two men claim to have been paid by Smollett to rough him up.

If that’s the case, why would he do it? Why would anyone, including these many student examples? Have we become a nation so embracing of victimhood and identity politics ideology that we will go to any length to fulfill that narrative?

It’s one thing for we as individuals and a nation to confront racism. It’s quite another for people to make it up simply to make the country look racist.

From what we know, Smollett so far appears to have done precisely this to blame it on Donald Trump and his supporters. But as The College Fix’s report shows, people have been trying to create the same hoaxes long before Trump came on the political scene.

This is not new. Perhaps the left should stop blaming the president for everything under the sun and take a hard look in the mirror?

And for the millionth time – where’s the media?

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