2020 Democrat Candidate: ‘If America Wasn’t Racist, Stacey Abrams Would Be Governor’

2020 Democratic candidate for president, Seth Moulton, took a rather unique approach to solicit votes at a town hall meeting on Sunday – telling Americans that they’re racist.

Moulton, the Representative from Massachusetts, was discussing the need for a Voting Rights Act when he painted the entire country as racist. He even went so far as to use failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who lost her election by over 54,000 votes, as an example.

“We have a problem with racism in America today,” he claimed without evidence. “If this country wasn’t racist, Stacey Abrams would be governor.”

The absolute precision Moulton had in shooting himself in the foot is a thing to behold. Two sentences – two claims that America is racist, and one claim that the entire state of Georgia is a shining example of racism.

Many on the left will likely nod their head in approval – you can hear the cheers in the crowd at the CNN event – but we’re guessing a good portion of voters won’t take kindly to being painted with a broad brush of racism.

“People of color are being systemically denied the most basic right in a democracy, which is the right to vote,” Moulton added.

America Was Never That Great

Moulton than made a claim that, contrary to President Trump’s belief that America is the greatest country in the world, that it was never really that great to begin with.

“I think this is the most important election of our lifetimes,” he said, despite the 2016 election actually holding that status.

“It’s about who we are as a country, it’s about our values, it’s about what kind of future we’re going to build. It’s about whether we can get united around a common mission not to make America great again, looking backwards to some mythical version of the past that never really existed, but whether we can make America better than it’s ever been before,” Moulton added.

Saying America was never great is such a common stance in the Democrat party right now that we have to wonder if their internal polling is telling them that this is something their radical leftist base wants to hear.


Abrams Didn’t Lose Due to Racism

It should be noted that Abrams never lost her race due to racism, she lost her race due to her radical policies.

Georgia voters rejected that line of thinking and delivered her a sizable defeat, despite Abrams best efforts to claim she secretly won.

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