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Egyptian TV Host Youssef Al-Husseini Explains Why the West Doesn’t Trust Muslims

Islamist terrorist attacks have become the new normal in Europe, and before the next one strikes, all of us can repeat verbatim the sort of discussion that will be featured on the evening news.

We’ll be “reminded” that Islam is a religion of peace, and that terrorists don’t represent “true Islam.”

We’ll be told that Christianity was once just as bad when it comes to terrorism, and that the Muslim world was once at the forefront of math and science, because you should have to go back centuries to be able to say anything favorable about the religion’s accomplishment. Perhaps we’ll even hear that terrorists only hate us because we bomb their countries – an excuse that fails entirely to explain why most victims of Islamic terrorist are Muslims themselves.

Such arguments may make sense to naive Western progressives, but they aren’t going to convince anyone intellectually honest in the Muslim world. That’s why it was so satisfying to watch a Muslim broadcaster expose what idiocy such talking points truly are.

Egyptian TV Host Youssef Al-Husseini went a long explainer on why people in the West are worried about Islamic terrorism. His monologue is a must-see:

Quite hilariously, if someone in America were to make an identical speech on television, he would immediately be branded a bigot and “Islamophobe,” which would be enough for liberals to dismiss their arguments entirely.

What did you think of his remarks? Do you agree? Do they make sense?

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