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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Michael C. says:

    Why should we be shocked ??? They did not come here to assimilate, they came here to destroy our culture, if you don’t realize that then you have not listened or read of their beliefs or observed what’s happened in every country they infect!! The only cure is removal…That’s just a Fact because Islam is more a cult a Theocracy then it is a religion…

  2. BRIAN says:

    Hey Muhammed – Fck You !!!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I have a solution. Anyone who believes that Sharia Law comes before the U.S. Constitution, which means believe in taking the Koran literally, needs to be deported. Same goes for any Muslim who wants to enter the U.S. and believes in the principles of Sharia Law. Don’t let them in!

  4. Bill says:

    Suggesting that Sharia Law be imposed in lieu of US Constitutional Law under any circumstances, is subversive and treasonous. Anyone promoting such a concept should either be deported or held for advocating the overthrow of our Government. Our Federal officers (Sens, Reps, POTUS VPOTUS) take an oath to “PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”!!!

  5. Bobby says:


    The Lack of Islamist in America to want to assimilate into becoming Americans is outrageous …

    … Our Immigration Law requires it … Every Immigrant EXCEPT Islamist have Assimilated to becoming Americans First and foremost IAW our Immigration Law …

    … NO Immigrant and/or Political Asylum person or group of people should be allowed into the United States of America who WILL NOT and REFUSE to Assimilate to Supporting and defending the Constitution … To accepting and living by our US Common Laws … To becoming Americans and blending in with the American people … To 100% acceptance of the American Bill f Rights … To total acceptance of the American way of life and to American Society and Culture … and in support our US Allies (Israel included) … IF they refuse to accept ALL of the above, then they should be totally STOPPED and not be given entrance into our nations and communities … They Should be FULLY VETTED to those standards BEFORE they enter out nation, territories and communities … THAT IS THE LAW of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …

  6. George says:

    for any muslim that does not want to abide by the laws of the united states then give them a one way ticket to saudi arabia or iran where sharia law is practiced. easy solution……and make sure they can not return to this country ever again.

  7. Levi says:

    50% of Muslims can go to hell.

    1. BRIAN says:

      Wrong – 100% of muslims can go to hell.

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