All this talk about coming together is political window dressing. It sounds nice, but not so fast, Joe Biden.

Remember all the terrible havoc you and your party tried to impose on President Trump since before he even took office?

If you truly wanted everyone to come together, why didn’t you work the aisles in DC and encourage your party to play nice and come together for the good of the country?

Old wounds run deep, and it’s going to take a lot more than what you have to offer to bring this country together.

And you better do it quick cause your VP is salivating over the possibility of you not making it four years in office.

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And regardless of the olive branch that Biden so desires to toss, the United States will remain divided.

And it’s all in the hands of the Democrats and how they treated a duly-elected president during the last four years.

The Democrats have earned that reputation. A gridlocked Congress and Biden administration, where nothing gets done, will be the best blessing for this nation.

Other than an eventual Trump victory, of course.

The True Deplorables

Leave behind the blind fealty to all things anti-Trump for just five minutes and imagine the same scenario being visited upon whatever candidate you support.

Some facts are unarguable. Facts that appear rather damning, to my eye.

But because you and I are not lawyers, and we will not be present in the presentation of fact from whatever investigation follows this, we both should be intellectually honest and bestow the same standard we would ask for ourselves, or that which has in the past been granted for other candidates.

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Based on what I’ve seen, I think voting laws in several states have been either ignored (Pennsylvania and Michigan) or changed at the last minute by government officials hostile to Trump – again PA, and also North Carolina.

According to the Trump campaign, In Philadelphia, Democrat officials, albeit low level, broke existing law by refusing admission to lawfully selected and certified Republicans to observe and report.

Whether or not this had a detrimental effect is not clear, though if the law was broken, it needs to be heard in court.

I think it is prudent, fair, and intellectually honest to grant to Trump and his team the same courtesy of discovery and deliberation given to Gore in 2000, and to other Democrat candidates since then.

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Things Don’t Have To Remain Like This

Those who are totally engulfed by hate and brainwashed can no longer be changed, but their ship can be made to change course, starting with schools and universities.

That’s where they amassed all the power they have now in the first place.

Democrats claim they want unity on their terms, yes?

Their arrogance is only equaled to the stupidity of Republican politicians who have covered their eyes, ears, and mouths in the past and let the Left run wild.

In the meantime, churches did little to stop it either, as long as the donations kept flooding to build new buildings and get new bands.

Some of us saw what was happening but did not have anyone to champion our cause until Pres. Trump came along.

No wonder the Left went berserk.

They thought they had everything won (which they almost had) and therefore never let up for almost 4 years culminating in a massive cheating voter fraud, destruction of cities, and outright possession like hatred.

For all of it to be turned around, Trump will have to get another turn.

But even then, the real work will have to start, because as of now, the Left owns practically all cultural and political institutions.


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