Wow: What Obama Policy Has This Sheriff Claiming People Will Die?

Ben Johnson

A sheriff in Volusia County, Florida, is furious with a decision by President Obama and he’s taking his anger public.  In fact, he’s so upset that he’s accusing the President of costing the lives of some police officers.

Following riots by #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Ferguson, Obama banned military-style equipment that some law enforcement departments acquire from the federal government.

Sheriff Ben Johnson railed against that decision, saying some officers will now be forced to engage in “suicide missions.”

“People will die because of this decision,” he said.

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

But for others, such as Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson, who must also give up his agency’s tracked vehicle, said the ban could be detrimental – and even deadly.

“For some agencies, this is all they can afford,” Johnson said, “leaving their people on potential suicide missions.”

Volusia’s tracked vehicle can go through terrain that others with wheels can’t, he said.

The department doesn’t use it every day, but it has taken bullets for deputies, and the ban is “taking a valuable piece of equipment out of our fleet,” Johnson said.

“People will die because of this decision,” he said.

You can watch the Sheriff’s reaction at this link.

Obama banned the military-style defensive weapons because it could ‘alienate and intimidate‘ race-rioters such as those in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Comment:  Is Obama trying to disarm the police at the behest of #BlackLivesMatter protesters?  Will this adversely affect the way police officers are able to defend themselves against criminals?

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