Beyonce is throwing a concert in Pittsburgh that needs police to provide security, but they are giving her a huge middle finger over her cop-hating songs and videos!!

Law Enforcement officers are finally standing up and saying they won’t be smeared in the media by dim-witted celebs who don’t know what’s really going on in America!!

And it isn’t the first time either – here’s what happened when police were asked to volunteer for Beyonce’s concert in Florida!! And cops in Houston, Texas actually held a protest outside her concert when she went there too!! Pretty amazing.

Check it out:

Unfortunately you won’t hear about it in the media much, because they’re too obsessed with giving “Black Lives Matter” protesters the spotlight and the microphone in order to spread their message of anti-cop hatred and racial division.

Here’s what happened when a reporter tried to talk to the police chief about police refusing to work Beyonce’s concert:

What do you think? Should cops just do their job or is it fair that they object to protecting cop-haters like Beyonce? Let us know in the comments section below!!