Alan Grayson
A CRAZY scene broke out when the Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid decided to snub a scumbag Democrat Congressman, and then all hell broke loose!!

Unfortunately there’s no video, but those who were there described it to a reporter, and it sounds just amazing!


During a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday, liberal firebrand Rep. Alan Grayson angrily confronted Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid over the senator’s decision to back a different candidate in Florida’s Senate race, according to three sources in the room. Reid fired back by expressing his “low opinion” of Grayson.

The outburst prompted a Reid staffer in the room to bring in the senator’s security detail, who stood inside the door during the rest of the meeting as a precaution.

Reid met with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but when Grayson was called on to speak, he repeatedly asked Reid if the senator knew his name.

“Yes, Alan,” Reid replied.

“Say my name,” Grayson insisted more than once.

Grayson then produced a printed-out news article that featured a quote from Reid criticizing Grayson’s ethics issues.

Asked why he gave the quote, Reid replied, “Because it’s true and I want you to lose.”

Wow. You have to hand it to Reid – that’s gutsy. Especially when he does it to the face of a guy who’s known to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat.

Here’s what happened next:

Other members of Congress asked Grayson to step aside, saying this was neither the time nor place for a personal matter.

Rep. Keith Ellison, who was running the meeting as the co-chairman of the Progressive Caucus, told Grayson, “Nobody in the room is supporting what you’re doing right now.”

Eventually, the meeting moved on to Rep. Ruben Gallego, who made a joke before asking a question about DREAMers.

The explosion happened because Reid isn’t endorsing Grayson, who wants to move from the House to the Senate by running for Marco Rubio’s vacant Florida seat. Reid is instead helping out Patrick Murphy, another Democrat.

To add injury to insult, Reid released a blistering statement to rip further into Grayson:

In a statement, Reid spokesperson Kristen Orthman said Grayson embarrassed himself.

“Senator Reid was honored to be invited by the Congressional Progressive Caucus to discuss issues on which he and they can work together. Alan Grayson decided to be disruptive, to the embarrassment of his fellow colleagues,” Orthman said.

“Senator Reid took the opportunity to express his low opinion of Congressman Grayson to his face and remind him that the reason Senator Reid has said that Grayson is under ethics investigation and appears to be running a Cayman Islands hedge fund from his Congressional office in order to line his own pockets is because these things are true, as established by seventy-four pages’ worth of evidence from the Congressional Ethics Committee,” she added in the statement.

I have to admit that I’m enjoying this very much, as Grayson has been a real lowlife scumbag that you can always count on to issue the most insane insults and the craziest statements. To see Harry Reid make him eat his own words is fantastic!!

Here’s more about the ethics investigation into Grayson:


What do you think? Will scumbag Grayson overcome scumbag Reid and win the seat anyway? Let us know in the comments section below!!