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World War II Veteran’s Family Reunited With Class Ring That Was Missing For 73 Years

Stories about our veterans being honored and thanked always warm my heart. Too often we take those who served our country for granted. Sure we fly a flag, thank them for their service, and donate to causes but rarely are there acts of true generosity and thankfulness that show that we as a country are forever indebted to those who served us.

That’s why I loved reading this story about a ring lost on the other side of the world, and the work it took to bring it back to the rightful owners.

Edward Dodds lost his high school class ring while fighting on the South Pacific island of Papua New Guinea. It was found buried in a field in 2013 and was finally returned to the Dodds family this past week.

via Fox News:

“There’s not really one emotion that describes this,” said Richard Dodds, the son of Edward Dodds. “I think it’s great for the grandkids and some great-grandkids to be connected to the past and the generation before this.”

Edward Dodds died in 1996. Richard Dodds, 52, said his father often joked about losing the ring because it was engraved with the wrong initials, EDD.


It reminds me of this story about a WWII vet being reunited with a letter he wrote to his wife during the war.

We don’t do enough for our veterans. We give them horrible government-run healthcare that traps and kills them with neglect and horrible care. The least we can do is remember them and honor their legacy. We all have to work together to show our veterans that we care about them!