Judge Napolitano Shares His Gut Feeling on Hillary’s Email Scandal — Must Watch!


News broke earlier today that Hillary Clinton’s private email account had over 300 potentially classified emails contained on servers in her home. As such, the State Department recommended that various agencies review the emails in question, warning there could be even more.

During a Fox and Friends interview this morning, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who previously suggested that her email scandal represents a “grave legal problem,” said that his “gut” feeling now is that Clinton will be charged over the scandal.

via Fox News Insider:

Judge Andrew Napolitano said today his “gut” feeling is that the Justice Department will end up bringing charges against Hillary Clinton over private emails that contained classified information.

There are now reportedly more than 300 emails that have been flagged as potentially classified. The number could grow as federal agents continue to go through the trove of documents.

Meantime, journalist Bob Woodward likened the email scandal to the Watergate tapes that brought down President Richard Nixon.

In a “Fox and Friends” interview, Napolitano agreed with the assessment, saying just like Nixon, the former secretary of state seems to not realize that she’s in “serious trouble.”

Watch the interview below …

Somehow, it seems like any time a famous Clinton has gotten into “serious trouble,” he or she’s managed to slither away unscathed.

Napolitano believes an announcement as to whether charges will be brought against Hillary will be made in 5 or 6 months, roughly around the time of the New Hampshire primary.

He also warned that should she be elected President, Clinton could actually legally pardon herself.

What does it say about our country if a woman who might need a pardon for committing a federal crime, could be elected as leader of our nation?

Do you believe Hillary will be charged for having classified documents on her private e-mail server?

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