With Potential Iran Deal in Place, King Barack Obama Just Gave Congress THIS Warning

President Barack Obama heralded an historic nuclear agreement with Iran Tuesday morning as an opportunity for the longtime foes to move in a “new direction,” while sharply warning Congress that it would be irresponsible to block the accord. I guess it was also a coincidence it was done so early so the people of Iran could witness the presser.

So Congress is just supposed to bow down to the Emperor’s wishes. To hell with that. I did not vote in the last election to have a Congressman and Senator do Obama’s bidding.

“This deal is not built on trust,” Obama said. “It is built on verification.”

Wasn’t the UN agreement built on verification and not trust what got us into the Iraq war? I know liberals want to forget that, but the invasion of Iraq was because UN inspectors were not being given access to sites they were supposed to have “unfettered” access to for their inspections.

Why would we believe that Iran will provide access to these sites? Why would we believe that Obama will have the balls to enforce this agreement when all of his red lines have proven to be more suggestions than hard stances?

Obama keeps thinking that he is our King and not just our president! Congress doesn’t need our irresponsible president to tell them what to do. They work for us and should do what is best for our country. Why should we trust the country of Iran, where they held our people hostage for over 400 days and who thinks we are gullible, to keep their agreement?


On top of all this, what really makes this a bad deal is Obama basically gave Iran almost everything they wanted on the condition that they promise to play nice, while he threatened Congress if they dare to point out how bad it is. Amazing.

This reminds me of Bill Clinton giving North Korea a billion dollars in aid for them to promise not to build a nuke. They promised, got the money, and used it to build their nuke. The difference is that we’re giving Iran, the same terrorists who have sworn repeatedly to destroy us, hundreds of billions that were locked up in sanctions.

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H/T: The Guardian

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