Hillary Clinton has been running for President for almost three decades. Now that she’s running again, there is a media frenzy to protect her from the countless scandals which define her career. From the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attacks to the shredding of emails, the average voter has barely scratched the surface of the layers of almost unbelievable corruption of the Clinton family business.

As famous actor and principled conservative icon Chuck Norris noted in a powerful column for World Net Daily, progressives don’t even like Hillary, because of her shameful behavior:

Frida Ghitis, former CNN producer and correspondent, touched on a core flaw: “[Hillary] cannot simply ignore the controversies and wage an energetic defense, a full embrace of America’s international record at a time when Obama is scoring the lowest poll numbers of his presidency on that issue. Obama’s foreign policy looks like a key vulnerability for Democrats in the next presidential election. … Clinton did not get everything right. Her failure to list Nigeria’s Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, for example, was a mistake. And to the extent that she did play a role in Obama’s foreign policy, she cannot completely disassociate herself from his failures.”[…]

Clinton isn’t a simple politician. She’s a powerful political robot with little if any character beyond the value of deciding what is politically expedient. Sally Kohn, a progressive activist and CNN contributor, summarized it well: “If there was an actual, authentic ‘I am going to listen to you about your issues’ from Clinton, instead of kind of pounding the drum of inevitability and stampeding over the left on her way to assumed victory, that would be effective. … You wonder if it is a pivot or whether she is saying what the moment demands.”

And to sum up just why Chuck Norris opposes Hillary, he reminds us why Hillary winning is even scarier than Hillary running for President. Here is his awesome explanation:

Not only would her presidency be “Obama, the Sequel,” but she would be an unbridled, more powerful, mega-wealthy, powder-keg Obama personality.

Well said Chuck! We have come to see that Dennis Miller was correct when he said, “The only yoga that Hillary Clinton practices is contorting the truth.” Hillary’s ruthless capacity to use power in destructive ways may be beyond anything we’ve seen in the Obama White House. Unlike Obama, Hillary won’t let ideology get in the way of her goals.

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