Will Trump Show Up At Correspondents Dinner This Year And Call the Media Out?

According to news site Axios, President Trump is considering showing up at the annual Washington gathering of journalists, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, this year. If he did, it would mark the first time the president has attended the event since taking office.

Trump did not attend in 2017 or 2018, but now that the Mueller investigation has proven to be a complete flop and has embarrassed the media and Democrats who pushed the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, there are reports that a now “exuberant” Trump might be attending the dinner on April 27.

According to Axios, it isn’t clear “how serious” Trump is about attending.

At the 2018 dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf’s 2018 speech attacked the president and administration officials which angered Republicans including the president. Trump called the night “an embarrassment to everyone associated with it.”

This year, historian Ron Chernow is being invited instead of an entertainer, a decision Trump applauded in November.

Should Trump Show Up?

ABSOLUTELY! If the media had no problem spending almost three years promoting a conspiracy theory alleging the president’s campaign was in cahoots with Russia – basically accusing Trump of treason – then why shouldn’t he show up and tell these people what a bunch of rotten liars they are?

The Mueller report showed conclusively that no matter what threads of info liberals are desperately clinging to in order to save face, Trump did not collude with Russia. The president was either a foreign agent or was not. There’s no room for debate between these two positions. Few things are completely black and white, but this is.

Trump is not a secret foreign agent. The media spent his entire presidency up to this point telling the lie that he very likely was in bed with Russia.

The media behaving like the Democrats willing hitmen is not what journalists are supposed to do. They are supposed to inform the public, not push propaganda.

So why shouldn’t Trump SHOW UP and call them out for the despicable liars that they are?

Why wouldn’t he rub it in their faces? They deserve it.

Who knows, this might be the first year President Trump shows up and most of the media DON’T!

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