Will Joe Biden’s Mistakes Overshadow His Experience

Despite his resume, public gaffes continue to plague the former VP

By Robyn Kenney | January 30, 2020

It’s clear in this sea of Democratic Presidential candidates that if Joe Biden fails to lock in the nomination, it’s nobody’s fault but his own.

Biden’s gaffes are often laughable, or even puzzling, like the odd stories he’s told about his youth:

However his recent aggression towards voters on the campaign trail show a more volatile side to Biden. Far from the friendly Joe of the Obama years who’s mistakes were usually more cringe-worthy than aggressive. 

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Try to watch this without laughing out loud: 


But lovable Joe Biden has shown a different side of himself; conveying either a lack of inhibition gone wrong, or perhaps, and more likely, a glimpse into a deep-seated arrogance that has given way to hostility. 

Watch the way Biden handles this man and takes hold of his jacket:

The problem still remains for the Democrats that Biden is their best shot at even coming close to beating Donald Trump. 

The former VP had the nomination teed up for him – but just like a high school athlete with a propensity to get into trouble who has a scholarship on the line – everybody around him is thinking, “Just get through the year without getting in trouble and it’s yours.”

That kid usually decides to participate in a senior prank that involves stealing farm animals and putting them on the roof of the school at night, gets suspended, and loses his free ride.

All Joe Biden has to do is not put a goat on the roof, and he will be fine. But he can’t help himself.

Biden has continued to argue with voters against the urging of his staff to move along, as heard in the video above. He presumably refuses to fully prepare for debates and media events, based on his responses to attacks from his opponents, and his overall verbal fumbling. 

Biden still has so much power over the other candidates, because as long as he’s moderately coherent and remains to appear confident in the wake of his mistakes – no one can beat his resume.

Joe Biden, by the fact that he served as Vice President for Barack Obama for eight years, with no major discord made public by the press or the administration, puts him light years ahead of any other democratic candidate. 

On paper, Joe wins. Just read his resume compared to that of say, Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg. 

Personality, presentability, and ethics aside, Biden should hands down be the nominee in this motley crew that has people subbing the phrase “voter enthusiasm” for “voter confidence”.

What about Bernie, they say. Well, Bernie’s a long-time, self-proclaimed socialist and if I have any faith in the voting population of this country to recognize the dangers of socialism it will be extremely rocked if Bernie won the nomination. 

I’m not that worried about it.

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It seems in the end, we’re looking at Joe Biden vs. Elizabeth Warren.

Neither candidate is particularly trustworthy or captivating. And Joe Biden’s resume may hold more weight psychologically with the American voting public than we realize. 

There are new polls discussing the so-called trust factor of each candidate. In a recent survey from Quinnipiac University, the top trusted candidate was Sanders, followed by Biden, and then Warren.

Of course Sanders won “most honest” in this survey. He is literally always admitted that he wants to take everyone’s money and spread it around as he sees fit. No change in that platform.

You can trust Bernie to run the country off a cliff.

So unless I’m wrong about the majority of American voters being slightly weary of socialist policies; Sanders’ perceived honesty is a symptom of his maniacal radical views remaining consistent.  

People trust Warren less than Biden, not because Biden is proven to lie less than Warren, but because they trust him to run the show. They trust that he knows how to handle himself in the White House, to play it cool, and not run in the room with wild ideas about how to “fix” our entire economic system with a Robin Hood scheme. 

Biden knows what it’s like to be in high intensity situations and standby and listen. Warren is an intellectual egomaniac. It’s her way or the highway, and she has a lot of ideas.

If Joe Biden ever became the President of the United States, moderate Democrats can trust, for the most part, that he won’t be bullied by the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agenda. He won’t go radical. 

Biden might pander to the far-left to keep things quiet, but if he were to become President, things wouldn’t be that different policy-wise then from then when Obama was in office. That scares conservatives, but is a relief to middle of the road Democrats.

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When it comes to Burisma, or any other scandal, Biden has the connections, power, and money to cover up, or at least get away with most of it in the end. 

Look at Hillary and Benghazi. Or her email scandal. They made her sweat, but in the end she got away with everything. Other than the fact that she has to look in the mirror.

Scandal is not likely to bring down Joe Biden’s campaign, even if there’s truth to it. Only Joe can ruin his campaign – it’s his to lose. 

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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