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TERRIBLE! You Will Be Embarrassed to Learn Where Our New Miss America Worked


Unless you’re an avid Miss America fan… you probably only know Miss New York Kira Kazantsev – who was just crowned to represent our country as Miss America – for her “talent” which consisted of flipping a red plastic cup around on stage:

But Ms. Kazatsev has an unfortunate past. According to her LinkedIN profile, she worked at Planned Parenthood, which is America’s largest provider of abortions. And it gets worse!

Kazantsev worked for the abortion giant just outside New York City proper for three months, from February 2013-April 2013. One month later, one of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in New York City botched an abortion. The incident occurred at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in New York City, New York.

Ambulances are usually only called to abortion clinics in the event of life-threatening medical emergencies. There has been a trend to bypass the 911 exchanges and call ambulance companies directly in order to keep pro-life groups from obtaining potentially damaging information about the abortion complications though open records requests.

In 2012, Planned Parenthood in New York City was also found to be willing to go along with arranging abortions for victims of sex trafficking.

While staff at the Planned Parenthood centers in other states offered to arrange abortions or STD testing for the sex traffickers and guided them in how to keep the actions from authorities, staff in New York tell the Undercover “pimp” he can pose as a guardian to get discounts for his underage sex workers. The abortion center staff assured him they will see underage girls as young as 13 who have been victimized by the sex traffickers.

Via Life News

How many potential future Miss Americas did Planned Parenthood eliminate while Ms. Kazatsev worked there? And since such a sting operation could expose one example of criminal activity, what did Kazatsev turn a blind eye too that we don’t know about?

Please share this story and let us know what you think about America being represented by a former Planned Parenthood employee.