The Democratic National Committee had no interest in discussing allegations that Hillary Clinton was an “enabler” of husband Bill’s sexual misconduct years ago, even calling a Fox News reporter an “a**hole” for asking and suggesting they needed a “f*** you emoji” as a response.

The shocking email was part of a dump of leaked DNC documents uploaded to the internet by Wikileaks.

In May, as Trump was securing the Republican nomination for president, he began setting his sights on Clinton. He called her an “enabler” of Bill’s affairs for the way she treated his accusers.

“She treated these women horribly,” Trump said. “And some of these women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that Hillary Clinton treated them after everything went down.”

Fox News reporter Fred Lucas decided to do a freelance investigative report on the matter, emailing a request for comment from the DNC about Trump’s accusations.

Mark Paustenbach, the National Press Secretary for the DNC, answered the request for comment with a simple “We’re not responding at all.”

wikileaks dnc

Luis Miranda however, the Communications Director for the DNC was slightly more put off by the questions, responding with “Is there a Fuck You emoji?”

wikileaks dnc

A few days later, Lucas emailed again about the “enabler” attack, asking for a response as to “the appropriateness of Trump attacking along these lines?”

Press Assistant Rachel Palermo passed it along to Miranda and Paustenbach, referring to Lucas as “the asshole from Fox.”

She then added, “I did some research and there’s still no ‘fuck you’ emoji, unfortunately.”

wikileaks dnc

Three days later, Lucas published his column which had commentary from some of Bill Clinton’s victims that agreed that Hillary had served as an “enabler” to his abuse.

Comment: Do these leaked e-mails show how desperately the DNC wanted to keep quiet about Hillary’s role as an “enabler” to any sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton? Share your thoughts below.