We always heard how powerful the president of the United States is, and now we can add that he is responsible for breaking up marriages.

Jennifer Merrill is divorcing her husband because of his support for Pres. Donald Trump.  I remember when Barack Obama sat in the oval office, and that also resulted in divorces and relationship breakups. I think what is happening here is that couples who are already going through hardships and heartaches are using the oval office resident as an excuse to separate or break off their marriage vows.

Merrill had her story told on voices of America a week before her divorce would be final. She even spoke about it on her twitter timeline over the Christmas holiday.

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When you are unequally yoked at the wedding altar, you are going to have problems and issues within your marriage. According to vows individuals take at the altar, you’re supposed to work through those problems for better or for worse.

Merrill, it seems, had enough of listening to her husband talk and promote Trump and use that as her scapegoat to leave the marriage.

Her husband’s steady shift to the political right during their 24-year marriage was a source of frustration and embarrassment for liberal Jennifer Merrill, but it wasn’t until the election of Donald Trump — and her husband’s support for the president — that she’d finally had enough.

Merrill moved out and filed for divorce.

I just couldn’t see sharing a bed with somebody that agreed with what Trump was doing when I was so against everything that Trump represented,” says Merrill, a book editor for a trade association, and the mother of three children. “He had no sensitivity for how I felt, that I felt so strongly about it, especially when I was going out and doing protests … and he would just laugh about it and continue to defend [Trump]. So that just made me very, very angry.”

Merrill is among 11% of Americans who have ended a serious relationship due to political differences, according to a 2017 poll. One in 5 Americans say they know a couple whose marriage or relationship has been negatively affected by President Trump’s election.

Among Americans in a committed relationship who voted differently in 2016 than their significant other, 41% say they and their partner disagree or argue about politics more than ever,” says Nathan Richter of Wakefield Research, a self-described nonpartisan firm that conducted the study. [VOA]

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According to the story, the husband didn’t like her traveling to anti-Trump rallies and demonstrations which I could see as a problem but this is who you married. You should know what you got going in.

You didn’t join a marriage union to change someone, you married them because you loved who they were. This entire subject is a sore issue with me because Americans are using every bad event to attach to Trump and he’s usually nowhere around the scene of the crime when it happens.

People need to own up to their own issues and take responsibility for their actions. If the marriage didn’t work, it wasn’t on Trump, it is because you didn’t want to try or got tired of trying and either way, it’s a cop-out of making a promise before God and then breaking it on bullcrap.

Do you believe Jennifer’s story that her marriage didn’t work because of Pres. Trump?

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