Why Byron Allen Is Suing Al Sharpton for Discrimination


Byron Allen is a co-plantiff in a $20 million lawsuit charging Comcast, Time Warner and Al Sharpton with racial discrimination against black owned media companies. Allen charges that instead of involving African-American media owners, money instead is given to Al Sharpton to make it appear they are friendly to the black community. With Al Sharpton as the conduit between the media and African-Americans, the messaging will be controlled.

In an interview with CNN, Allen pointed out that the African-American community did not vote on Al Sharpton to represent and speak on their behalf. But, companies are quick to give Sharpton a platform and pass along some money in exchange for the appearance that they are inclusive. Allen said that Sharpton is the “least expensive negro” and will help them cover up their discrimination.

“Give him (Sharpton) $50k and a bucket of chicken and we’re good.”



Allen didn’t stop at Sharpton. He also challenged President Obama’s record on covering for Sharpton and selling out for campaign contributions.

“President Obama has been bought and paid for. He has taken donations from Comcast. Comcast is his biggest contributor. AT&T is one of his biggest contributors. Listen Obama, your own FTC is investigating AT&T for throttling. How can you even consider them to buy DIRECTV when you’re suing them? Is it because you took donations? Yes, Obama. Don’t even think about letting them merge until they settle this lawsuit and that lawsuit.”

In another interview, Allen promised to work to deliver the African-American vote to the Republicans in 2016 if this issue isn’t handled.

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