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Whoa! THIS GOP Candidate Just Received Incredible News in Nevada!


Polls close soon in the Nevada Republican caucus. And while the voting has been chaotic and accusations of dirty tricks have been flying around… CNN is reporting details about entrance polls.

What have they decided? Only ONE candidate stands to have a huge victory tonight: Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump!

That’s because newly registered Republican voters have surpassed repeat caucus goers. As Trump has the ability to bring non-traditional voters to the polls, this is good news for Trump:

Though most are predicting low turnout, Trump’s allies see the uptick in Republican registrations here as a harbinger that could bode well for his candidacy — bringing out first time caucusgoers. (Unlike the Democratic caucuses here last Saturday, there is no same-day registration for Republican voters at caucus sites).

This confirms what what people on the ground in Nevada has been saying for weeks:

In interviews with dozens of Republican voters across the state over the last week, many said without hesitation that they were standing firmly with Trump and had given little thought to the other Republican candidates.

In addition, 61% of voters want an outsider as President. Also, 57% of Nevada voters said they are “angry” about the Federal government. By far, the angriest voters CNN has seen in a primary this year.

This is a breaking news story… We will post more details as they come in.

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