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WHOA! Ted Cruz’s Citizenship Officially Challenged… Cruz Put On Notice!

cruz citizenship

The Republican party elites can’t be happy about this. A New Jersey judge just heard arguments on behalf of Victor Williams, a Catholic University Law Professor, who is joined by concerned citizens who are raising huge questions about Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) Canadian citizenship and his eligibility to run for President.

It’s confirmed Cruz was born in Canada and was a Canadian citizen until 2014. So does the Constitution really allow him to run for President? We’re about to find out, officially!

A Washington, D.C. law professor has come up with a new way to challenge the eligibility of Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, to run for president.

Victor Williams is running for president himself.

He says that should help him get over the first hurdle that has so far caused other challengers to stumble — a lack of legal standing to sue.

Williams, who teaches at the Catholic University law school, has registered to run as a write-in candidate for the Republican nomination in nine states for the sole purpose of challenging the credentials of the man he calls “Canadian Cruz.”

He claims Cruz “has fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally qualified for the office of president” and argues that Cruz, who became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2014, does not meet the Constitution’s requirement to be a “natural born citizen.”

Via NBC News

Cruz was born in Calgary to a Cuban father and an American-citizen mother. However, the United States Supreme Court has not resolved questions on the requirement for presidents to be natural born before.

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