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WHOA! Liberals Running the Classroom, Teaching Flag Stomping and Islamic Laws (MUST WATCH)

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly just released this shocking new documentary about how serious liberal indoctrination is inside America’s public schools. If it wasn’t clear how far the left has gone in taking over educating our children and how much Islamic culture is taught in the classroom, this will change that.

Watch (above) as Kelly gives examples of a high school teacher stomping on the American flag and another school which said a pledge to the country of Mexico! In one 6th grade class, President George Bush was compared to Adolph Hitler. And in another, the teacher’s lesson of Islam went so far that female students were asked to wear burkas.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: During a lesson about symbols and their meaning, a South Carolina high school English teacher decided to stomp on the American flag saying the physical flag was symbolic but was only a piece of cloth, and his actions would have no ramifications. He was wrong. Parents protested, the teacher was placed on leave and eventually agreed to resign for an $85,000 payout.

At Lumberton High School, Texas, as part of a world geography lesson on Islam, some female students dressed up and were photographed wearing burkas. Their parents were bothered by the pictures but more concerned about the emphasis on Islam.

APRIL LEBLANC, PARENT: They had touched on, you know, they started with Israel and start talking about Palestine but they went straight onto the nation of Islam and they focused on it and (INAUDIBLE) really focused on Islam, never touched on Christianity.

This is outrageous! Students should be learning math, English, science, and the skills needed to succeed in life. Please share this, if you oppose liberal indoctrination in schools!

H/T: Fox News