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Whoa! What Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Just Did is PURE CLASS!


Even as missiles shot by Palestinian terrorists rain down in Israel every week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu manages to keep the Israeli people safe and prosperous.

The history between Israel and Palestine has been bloody and full of hatred during Israel’s entire existence – but Netanyahu just did something that proves why Western democracy and Israeli values are superior to Islamic extremism!

This is totally classy:

Via Breitbart Jerusalem:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas Friday (July 22) to offer condolences on the death of his brother, an Israeli official told AFP.

Abbas’ brother Omar died in Qatar Thursday, with the funeral taking place on Friday.

He had been suffering from cancer according to Israeli media reports.

This is incredible! Palestinian leader Abbas is someone who refuses to condemn cowardly Islamic terror attacks on Israeli civilians. Just look at this report from earlier this month, after waves of Palestinian Islamic terrorists were attacking Israeli civilians with cars and knives:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had refused, as of Saturday night, to condemn the current surge in Palestinian terrorism, including the killing of a 13-year-old Israeli girl on Thursday and a father of 10 on Friday. He is also reportedly refusing to take calls from Israeli and world leaders who are seeking to encourage him to speak out.

Via Times of Israel

But Prime Minister Netanyahu knows how to be civil. Even though there are bad people and bad actors in the world, Netanyahu agrees with our Western belief that most human beings are good, and that they should be treated with respect.

That’s the difference between Western civilization and radical Islam – respect for humanity!

Thank you Benjamin Netanyahu for reminding the world what a real leader looks like!

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