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WHOA! Barack Obama INSULTS Christians At An Islamic Mosque!

obama mosque

When President Barack Obama spoke at a Christian university in Washington, D.C., he required the name of “Jesus Christ” to be hidden while he spoke. But during his recent speech at a radical mosque with the Islamic Society of Baltimore – a mosque that has been linked to actual terrorists – Allah can be seen everywhere! In fact, the White House was passing out Qurans! (pictured below)

Obama has announced that America is no longer a Christian nation. And at his speech at the Mosque was a glass wall that said the word “Allah” 99 times in Arabic calligraphy. He used his platform to attack conservative businessmen and Presidential candidate Donald Trump for the supposedly “inexcusable anti-Islamic rhetoric in the political sphere.”

What makes this entire event a slap in the face to Christians is that while giving a speech at Georgetown University in 2012 the White House told the Catholic school to cover up all religious signs and symbols, including the small letters IHS displayed inside the triangular pediment directly behind and above where the President would stand since the 3 letters signify the name of Jesus Christ.

So it should now be obvious to everyone that President Obama does indeed have a double standard when it comes to religions. Because if you’re a Christian organization you better cover up anything referring to Christ, even if it’s just 3 small letters, if you want the President to give a speech. But if you’re of the Muslim faith it’s ok to have a word wall with “Allah” written 99 times in large Arabic symbols directly behind where President is speaking.

Via Infowars

Here are photos from Obama’s speech at the mosque yesterday, compared to his speech at Georgetown in Washington, D.C.:

obama mosque

Here is the glass wall which says “Allah” 99 times.

obama mosque

And here are the Qurans the White House distributed. Could you imagine the White House passing out Bibles??

obama mosque

Clearly, the Obama White House has a double standard. This is bigotry against Christians, and it is shameful.

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