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ISIS Suicide Bomber Was Just Driving Along, Then BOOM!!!


Video of an ISIS suicide bomber launching an attack in his Mad Max-style vehicle has gone viral, not just for the absurdity of his deadly creation, but for how spectacularly his mission fails.

The suicide bomber was launching an attack on Syrian Kurdish fighters, using a patched together armored vehicle laced with explosives.


As the terrorist gets perilously close to his target, a missile launched seemingly out of nowhere takes him out and sends one more ISIS fighter to an early meeting with his 72 virgins.

Via Fox News:

An explosives-laden pickup truck driven by an Islamic State suicide bomber was turned into a rolling fireball by Syrian Kurdish fighters – and dramatic video footage of the attack released Monday has gone viral.

“A suicide bomber tried to attack us but my comrades managed to kill him,” one fighter says in the video obtained by France 24.

The footage shows the DIY-looking truck – resembling a creation from the dystopian cult film — barreling along a road in Syria before a missile hits it and sends it bursting into flames.

The fighters are then heard shouting and cheering as black smoke billows into the sky.

Watch the incredible footage below …

In what may be the best part of this successful attack on the suicide bomber: the anti-tank missile was courtesy of the ol’ U.S. of A.

The Fox News report reveals that “U.S.-led coalition forces supplied the Kurdish fighters with the anti-tank missile.”

Another report indicates that the supplied missile was also launched by U.S.-led coalition forces.

Via the Daily Mail:

One female soldier says: ‘A suicide bomber tried to attack us but our comrades managed to kill him’, while another says he’s thrilled because he believes its his missile that has hit the vehicle.

But the video reveals that a coalition of reportedly British, American and French forces were the ones who launched the strike.

The incredible destruction of the ISIS bomber’s vehicle is reminiscent of another viral video we reported on that showed a terrorist’s car being tossed into the sky by an explosion on the ground, then exploding again during the mid-air flight.

Check out this video report on Donald Trump’s recent foreign policy speech, where he insists allies will start contributing to the war on terror much more than they have …

Comment: Will we see more videos like this involving the destruction of ISIS terrorists should Trump become President in 2017? Share your thoughts below.