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Three White House Staffers Expected to be Fired for Leaking

President Donald Trump is ready to share his famous phrase with the White House leakers who have been damaging his administration since day one: “You’re fired!”

Now, Trey Yingst of One America News Network, is reporting that three separate leakers have been found in Trump’s White House and they are being shown the door. These staffers have been referred to the Office of Government Ethics and could face serious legal problems, including possible felony chargers. These leaks have been a non-stop problem for the Trump White House.

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They would have already been fired, but the Office of Government Ethics has to review the facts beforehand.

Trump will make sure they are gone the moment he returns from his historic trip the Middle East and criminal prosecution is on the table.

Apparently, they are not political appointees which is why they are harder to fire. Career federal government employees or former Obama political appointees who were “burrowed” into the Civil Service by being converted to career employees before President Barack Obama’s term ended on January 20 and would in most cases have to go through a civil service procedure before being let go.

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