When Will The Media Start Asking The Socialist Candidate If He’s Going To Redistribute His Millions?

Let’s be straight, and simple on this, shall we?

The entire Democrat party is running on fumes. There are no winners among those candidates or anyone in their current leadership.

Of all the presidential aspirants, from the socialist-democrat party, it matters not, whatsoever, who may be the Democrat presidential candidate.

Socialist Candidate

Now, let’s be concise about this politician, Bernie Sanders, shall we?

Bernie Sanders seems to have “plans.”

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Well, all his plans can be known as “free-for-all platform” and someone calls it “the free-pizza-platform.” He allegedly has “plans” that cost more than 60 trillion dollars, although he said a few weeks back that “nobody knows” how much the free-free-free project would cost to the taxpayers.

Well you see, Bernie, the socialist/communist extraordinaire !…( so he claims, and chants )…is he an hypocrite…or what?

For one, Bernie is flying all over with his jet plane and so there goes the so-called, and so ventilated “let’s protect the planet/climate crisis” kind of thing.

Redistribution Of Goods

Anyway, put aside that one and let’s consider this; the entire platform for the socialist system is basically a redistribution of goods. It would be very interesting what Sanders will say if he is asked to donate all his fortune to help in the ‘redistribution.”

Perhaps any of the pro-Sanders Socialist/Democrats will ask him about sharing his wealth, next time any of them go to one of those rallies.

You know what? I am inclined to believe that CNN, or MSNBC, or The New York Times nor any tv tabloid or yellow press publication of/from the corporate dishonest corrupted media, will never run that Q & A moment.

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Bernie is not alone in this. We are all complicit. Every time we hire a lawn guy, or roofing company that hires illegals. Every time we buy a chicken at the grocery store processed by illegal labor. Until we get serious about internal enforcement, the waves will continue.

No wall is high enough to stop an airplane (or ladder). Nor foundation deep enough not to be dug under. And, no walls stretch out into the sea that cannot be boated around. Right about the time we start doing serious internal enforcement will I believe we have the border under control.

And guess what. The dirty little secret is that with internal enforcement we don’t need a wall.

Is this really what America wants? Did you hear what he wants to do on day one if he is elected?

I beg to differ. What are your thoughts?

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