When Geraldo Rivera Gets Called Out on Iran Comments, All Hell Breaks Loose!


The Five co-hosts, Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera, got into a heated exchange on the program yesterday, culminating with Rivera blowing a gasket and shouting down his colleague.

At issue? The discussion of the Iran nuclear deal took a wrong turn when Rivera made a stupid comment seemingly legitimizing why Iranians would be willing to continually shout “Death to America” even as President Obama makes concessions to them left and right.

“Remember shooting down the Iranian passenger liner?” he asked. “There’s plenty of reasons the Iranians have a beef against us.”

Bolling responded by making Rivera’s comments look stupid.

“Are you suggesting we shot down the airliner on purpose?” he challenged.

Rivera, having been exposed, got incredibly defensive.

via The Blaze:

“Why do you say something stupid like that? That’s like stupid! You said that to make me look stupid and I don’t like it! I don’t like it!” he shouted at Bolling. “I don’t like it! That’s bull!”

“When you talk about terrorists, when you talk about why we—,” Bolling said.

“C’mon, that’s an anti-intellectual!” Rivera interjected.

The two continued jawing at each other throughout the segment, but Rivera eventually conceded that he was out of line and had lost his temper.

Watch the fiery exchange below …

Was Geraldo out of line suggesting Iranians have a right to hate America?

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