What These Children Say About Abortion May Shock You



The innocence of children often gives us a different perspective on situations and sensitive topics. Children are able to simplify situations and don’t accept excuses that adults use to justify decisions.

Online for Life released a video of children being asked about abortion. They gave very honest answers that expressed unconditional love for all children.


Some pro-choicers say abortion is an adult topic and shouldn’t be discussed with children. But these children are able to answer the questions without being distressed. Their reactions appear to be based on unconditional love. And they also reflect a demographic shift on the topic of abortion.

There has been a 12% drop in the number of abortions performed in the United States in the past five years. Many attribute this shift to the use of ultrasounds. Visualizing a child in the womb humanizes the situation. Young people lean more pro-life than previous generations. A recent poll from Marist College shows that 59 percent of millennials consider abortion to be “morally wrong” and 58 percent believe it “does more harm than good.”

What does this change in public perception of abortion mean for the industry in the long term?

Do you agree with these children that every child is important? Please comment below.

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