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Just Before The Super Bowl, Michelle Obama Did THIS!

Super Bowl

Just before Super Bowl 50, First Lady Michelle Obama was interviewed by CBS This Morning. It was a puff interview, and she seemed unusually excited about the halftime show.

Now that we know Beyonce’s halftime show was a racist ode to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, we know why!

Watch (below) as Michelle tells Gayle King (an Obama family friend), that she “cares deeply… DEEPLY about the halftime game show.”

Then she aded, “I got dressed for the halftime show. I hope Beyonce likes what I’ve got on.”

Looking back at this interview, it’s clear that Michelle Obama was excited about the radical message in Beyonce’s performance. This staged event was planned from the beginning, with a blessing from the White House, to stir up racial hatred during America’s biggest annual sporting event.

Outrageous! Apparently, not even the Super Bowl is off limits when it comes to spreading the White House’s radical agenda.

What do you think of Michelle Obama’s support for Beyonce’s political performance? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.