What Do the Nobel Peace Prize, Iran Deal, and Smoke Have in Common–This Graphic NAILS IT!

From a political standpoint it seems crazy that Democrats who support the Iran Deal are willing to put their political future in the hands of the mullahs and to rely on them to not cheat or go back on their word.

That’s a lot of hopes to bank your political career on don’t you think?

The problem is our congressmen have been neutered by their party leaders, regardless of what they know is right or wrong. Maybe a few have the fortitude to stand on their own feet and be counted, but I doubt it. With all of this going on, what do we need with a house full of “yes” men? I see no need to pay all these people the big bucks when they are incapable of making decisions. A dozen from each party would be enough. Of course that will never happen. Who would introduce the bill for that? But what makes the Iran Deal bad most of all is that it simply assumes that all other issues related to Iran such as terrorism, sectarian conflict, human rights abuses and oppression of free speech and media, are fundamentally irrelevant to Iran’s conduct as it relates to implementing this deal.

That’s an absurd contention, and one that has always failed when applied to regimes such as North Korea, Warsaw Pact nations, and others.

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What do you think of the Iran Deal? Big names are descending on D.C. today to make a stand against the Deal. Are they justified? Share your thoughts and comments below and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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